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GKKC Club Minutes April 25, 2016

Meeting was called to order @ 7:40 PM by President, Glynis Littlewood

Members present were Glynis LIttlewood, Tom Kirsten, Warren Quinn, Valda Currier, Joe Currier, Trudy Price, Kimberly Williams, Judy Pinkevich, Pam Jones, Karen Riddle, Brenda Grable, Charlotte Ryan, Dee Wildenstein, Darlene Robbins, Cindy Hintz

Guests present were: Pierce Massey, Selma Kominek, Eddie Kominek, Darcy Kallus, Craig Kallus, Eileen Bailey, Jim Anthony, Marla Lutrick, Barbara Salberg Richman, David Richman

Visitors were introduced.

Minutes were read from the March meeting and approved as read

Kimberly Williams read the treasurer’s report

New food vendors are Mama’s Food Factory and Little Delights.

We need someone to sing the Star Spangled Banner at the beginning of the show or we can use a recorded version.

Trophies need to be turned in to the show by Friday May 20th so the trophy table can be set up.

Karen Riddle has taken over the publishing of the Dog’s ear.

Barbara Salsberg-Richman and David Richman’s, Selma and Eddie Kominek’s and Darcy and Craig Kallus’ applications were read for the first time.

Eileen Bailey and Sherry and Walter Crossley were voted in as new members.

Dues are payable in May for 2017.

Nominations will be read at the May meeting, the slate of nominees will be sent to the members two weeks before the meeting.

At the June meeting the officers will be voted in.

Tom Kirstein brought up the subject of a more suitable place to meet with less noise.

Worker sheets were passed around for the Friday set up and the show on Sat and Sun.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm

Judy Pinkevich, Acting Secretary

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