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July 2016 General Meeting Minutes

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Called to Order: 7:30 p.m. by President Ben Gibbs.

Members Present:
Tammy Elliott Garry Elliott
Darcy Kallus Craig Kallus
Brenda Grable Judy Pinkevich
Barbara Salberg-Richman David Richman
Sherry Crossly Robert Crossly
Selma Kominek Eddie Kominek
Darlene Robbins Janice Pelletti
Val Currier Joe Currier
Trudy Price Kim Williams
Ben Gibbs Rhonda Gibbs
Cindy Hintz Glynis Littlewood
Eileen Bailey

Guests Present:
Russell Robbie
Pierce Massey

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Ben reminded everyone that an email had gone out asking for volunteers to each of the various committees; he has received several emails in response and he thanked those who have responded, but committee spots are not all filled. He passed around sign-up sheets for anyone that did not get the email. The BOD will go over the volunteers and delegate jobs to those who volunteered.

MEETING MINUTES FROM JUNE 27, 2016: Minutes were read. Ben had a couple of corrections/additions to the minutes. They were approved with the corrections.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Brenda Grable passed out a report of the current state of our account. All bills from our conformation shows have been paid. Linda Kolb generously donated her $50.00 fee back to the club. The account balance is $23,426.61 on June 30, 2016. The Treasurer’s report was accepted as read.

WEBSITE. In follow up to the question of making the website password protected, Ben recommended that the question be tabled until an Assistant Webmaster is named. That person can sit down with the webmaster and learn the job as that process is implemented, which will save the club time and money. The webmaster is paid $65.00/hour for her work and training club members in how to keep up the site. It was agreed to table the question until the job is assigned.

RESUSCITATION EQUIPMENT DONATIONS. Trudy was in touch with the Kingsport Fire Department regarding the possibility of donating animal resuscitation equipment, but they were unsure which stations may already have equipment, or how much would be needed. Trudy will contact each of the other area Fire Departments to determine if there is a need, and how much and what kinds of equipment are needed. Glynis is in possession of information regarding pricing and ordering the equipment.

SPONSORSHIP OF CAT AND FAST CAT EVENTS. Eddie Kominek has made a request that the Club sponsor AKC CAT and Fast CAT trials at his farm. In the past the Carolina Lure Coursing Society has sponsored these trials. Discussion was held regarding any special insurance requirements to cover the club’s involvement. The club would be covered by calling in the information regarding location, date, type of event, etc. and having a rider prepared, in the same way it is done for our conformation shows and agility trials. Eddie’s agreement with the Carolina LCS is a 90/10 split of the profit, with the farm taking 90% and the club receiving 10%. This may be negotiable. Ben requested that Eddie submit a document outlining expected roles and responsibilities of the club, which will be discussed and a decision made.

FALL CONFORMATION CLASSES. The question was asked and discussed if the club will be holding conformation classes again in the Fall, to be held at the Fairgrounds. It was agreed that we would like to hold these classes again.
Wednesday evenings are preferred; Judy Pinkevich will contact Phil and find out what evenings the building is available. The plan would be to hold six weeks of classes. Eddie Kominek has volunteered to run the classes. No handling classes have been held for the past couple of years.

NEW MEMBER APPLICATIONS: Second readings were made of membership applications for Pierce Massey and Pam Brownlee.

President Ben Gibbs thanked everyone for attending the picnic and contributing food, drink, etc.

ADJOURNED: 7:55 p.m.

There is no meeting in August due to the Fair taking place.

Submitted by Eileen Bailey, Recording Secretary.

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