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July 2022 General Meeting Minutes

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The Greater Kingsport Kennel Club General meeting was held Monday, July 25, 2022, at the Appalachian Fairgrounds and was called to order at 6:48 PM by President, Ben Gibbs.

Members present were: Diane Bauman, Rhonda Gibbs, Ben Gibbs, Kim Williams, David Richman, Barbara Salberg-Richman, Brenda Grable, Katie Smiley, Phyllis Portera, Greg Rodgers, Sandy Alexander, Pam McDonald, Pamela Bradbury, Glynis Littlewood, Judy Pinkevich, Pierce Massey, Dannie Lee, Pam Miller, Pam Jones, Andrew Moore, DeAnna Moore, Donna Hamm, Joe Currier, Val Currier, Carrie Kruska and Karen Dooley.

Visitors present were: Jeff Kruska, Johanna Granger (, Laura Simonelli (, Brian King, Lee Cutshaw (, Kathy Howse (, and Matt Miller.

The March, May, and June general meeting minutes were read by Carrie Kruska and approved as read.

Treasurer’s report was read by Brenda Grable. Treasurer’s report was accepted as presented.

The Conformation show chair, Pam Jones discussed increasing fees for Conformation, Obedience and Rally Entries. Pam Jones proposed an increase to $32 fee for the 1st entry and $29 fee for any additional entries. Pam Jones made the motion and Val Currier seconded the motion. The motion was amended by Pam Miller proposing $29 for the Bred by Exhibitors entry fee. The motion passed with 8 members opposing and 15 members for the proposed entry increase.

Pam Miller made the motion to donate $3000 to a resident from one of the upper 7 counties in Northeast Tennessee who is attending the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medicine School. The motion was seconded by Pierce Massey. The motion was amended by Pam McDonald to increase the scholarship amount to $5,000. The motion was seconded by Glynnis Littlewood.

1st Vice President Andrew Moore and Pierce Massey will head the committee to give updates and a presentation on the chosen UTVM scholarship recipient.

Discussion took place about the lack of programming being presented at our monthly Club meetings as the by-laws state 2 programs per year should be offered.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM.

Carrie Hodges, Recording Secretary

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