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December 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

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Board Minutes 12/7/15
The following members were present: Glynnis Littlewood, Darlene Robbins, Dee Wildenstein, Trudy Price, Kim Williams, Ben Gibbs, Rhonda Gibbs, Tom Kirstein, and Gayle Green
The meeting was called to order at 7:32 PM.
The September 7 board minutes were read by Glynnis Littlewood and passed as read.
Gayle Green stated the treasurer’s report hasn’t changed since last time.
The check signors were discussed and Glynnis will be added since she is the President. Both the Treasurer and current President are supposed to be on the checking account at First Tennessee Bank and the investment account at Regions bank. Gayle thinks the last President to actually be added to the accounts was Cindy Hintz and that was about 6 years ago.
Ben Gibbs made a motion that once officers are elected that within 30 days of the election that the following officers go to both banks and be added as signors: The President, both Vice-Presidents, and the Treasurer. This motion was approved and will be brought before the general membership in the January 2016 meeting.
Board liability insurance was discussed and Gayle said it is no longer needed because the board can’t be held liable per a TN law that passed several years ago. No one is sure what the law is or what year it passed. Equisure, Inc. covers the club from liability at the dog shows.
Gayle has the letter from Adam’s and Plucker, the CPA’s in Greeneville that she hired. She did not bring it with her and can’t scan it so will bring it to the January 2016 meeting.
Gayle sent a letter to the Dean of University of TN Vet School stating that GKKC would no longer provide scholarship money. She stated that previously the checks were mailed to UT Vet School and they were made out to the student receiving the scholarship and the UT Vet School.
The trophy list was discussed. The individual trophy list was submitted and Gayle will provide the list of trophies to be donated by the club. Glynnis has to have the premium list to AKC no later than 01/08/2016 so she needs the trophy list next week.
CAT Lure Coursing was discussed.
The May premium and pricing was discussed. It was determined it would remain unchanged for 2016. Glynnis will determine the spaces available for grooming in the air conditioned building so we can decide how much to charge each occupant. The building costs $350 per day. Moon pies and RC Cola will not be provided at the 2016 show since they were not a big hit at the 2015 show.
Gayle will provide the membership list by 12/8/15 to Rhonda and Glynnis.
Glynnis said JoAnn Marques has booked Sugar and Spice to cater the food at the 2016 May show.
The judges’ schedule needs to determined and submitted to AKC. Glynnis will get with Cindy Hintz when she gets back in town because she has it in a spreadsheet. If any additional help is needed Tom volunteered.
The membership application is being updated by Kim Williams, Trudy Price, and Rhonda Gibbs. Once it is updated they will send it to the board for review and approval.
The Christmas party at Red Meze Café on 12/18/15 at 6:30 was discussed.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:38

Submitted by Rhonda Gibbs acting Recording Secretary

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