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October 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

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Meeting was called to order at 5:24 PM by Darcy Kallus, GKKC President at the Appalachian Fairgrounds on 10/28/19.

Members present were Carrie Hodges, Val Currier, Craig Kallus, Sherry Crossley, Brenda Grable, Andrew Moore and Trudy Price.

Johnson City spay neuter policy discussed

 Need new person for AKC Legislation Liaison contact

 2nd reading for membership for Saskia Sowers approved & voted by 1st Andrew Moore, 2nd Brenda Grable

2nd reading for membership for Lisa Graser & Lloyd Graser approved & voted by 1st Craig Kallus, 2nd Val Currier

2nd reading for membership Karen & Ron Schavrien approved and voted by 1st Sherry Crossley 2nd by Andrew Moore

All passed by unanimous vote

 Carrie to update membership & send to Michelle Kruger

 Suggestion was made to streamline membership process at next meeting; review & update application; add email address to application

 Meeting ended at 5:52 pm

Carrie Hodges, Recording Secretary

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