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April 2016 Board Minutes

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April 2016 Board Meeting

GKKC Board Meeting April 12, 2016
Called to order 6:10pm by Glynis Littlewood
Members present: Glynis Littlewood, Cindy Hintz, Darlene Robbins, Tom Kirsten, Trudy Price, Kim Williams, Ben
Gibbs, Rhonda Gibbs
1. Glynis made the motion to rent a safe deposit box at the bank. Rhonda second. Two Keys: to be kept by the
President and the 1st VP. Motion Passed.
2. Fun Fest: Jan and Charlie will be doing the Fun Fest Dog Show. Charlie wants to come and address the general
meeting concerning the Fun Fest dog show.
3. Vet for the May Show: Dr Robinson will be doing one day for 250.00. Dr Hinkle will be doing one day for 300.00
4. Treasury Report: EquiSure received the payment for the policy for the May show. Glynis presented an info packet
from EquiSure for insurance for the Board.
Rhonda recommended that we speak with a lawyer before we make a decision on buying insurance for the board.
5. Old Business
Membership letters where read and approved for: Eileen Bailey, Sherry and Walter Crossley. Ben made the motion to
recommend membership to the club. Rhonda second. Motion Passed
Acting Recording Secretary
Ben Gibbs

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