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April 2019 General Meeting Minutes

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• Greater Kingsport Kennel Club general meeting Monday, April 22, 2019 called to order 7PM by President, Ben Gibbs.
• Members present: Ben Gibbs, Rhonda Gibbs, Darcy Kallus, Trudy Price, Valda Currier, Pierce Massey, Sherry Crossley, Pam Miller, Carrie Hodges, Kimberly Williams, Brenda Grable, Glynis Littlewood, Tom Kirstein, Julie Webster, Katie Smiley, Mary Sparks, Joe Currier, Jan LeBlanc, Charlie LeBlanc, Kendalyn Kruger, Michelle Kruger, , Sheila Leonard, Judy Pinkevich, Andrew Moore, DeAnna Moore, Joe Marques, Joann Marques, David Richman, Barbara Salberg-Richman, Craig Kallus.
• Guests :Lloyd Graser (, Lisa Graser (, Saskia Sowers (, Debbie Sullivan (, Lyn Hyman ( Karen Schavrren (, Karen Smith (, Sand Alexander (, Stacey Deshkulkarni (
• Minutes for March 2019 approved as read.
• Treasurers report: was emailed to club members. Accepted as presented
• Committee reports
o Conformation Show /Obedience-Rally show May 2019
 Suggestion made that a 12” x 5’ cover from MBF photography platform be purchased with club Logo. Motion made by Pam Miller to purchase banner, seconded by Joann Marques. Approved by unanimous vote.
• Darcy Kallus to inform Pam Jones so banner may be purchased.
 Brenda Grable able to receive trophies as late as Thursday at Noon for both all shows.
 Brenda Grable passed out sign up sheet for volunteers for Obedience/Rally show
 Lyn Hyman to organize stewards for Obedience/Rally show
 Glynis Littlewood reports that all Judge’s info is in for May 2019 conformation show
 Discussion on accounting and paying judges ensued.
• Receipts. Judges need to provide receipts for expenses.
o Receipts are necessary so that judges will not have to include expenses as part of their IRS income.
o IRS requires that amounts paid over $600 also include a 1099 tax form to be issued to Judge for their income tax.
o Some concern regarding hotel stay for judge may not be included with receipts during time of payment.
 Suggestion made that hotels will provide estimate/receipt before end of stay. This can be given when judges submit invoice.
 Crate set-up for Obedience/Rally show to be from 2-6PM Thursday before the show

All but one judge has been hired for conformation show in 2020.

 Pam Jones provided notes for Darcy Kallus to read as Pam had previous engagement elsewhere. Report from Pam as follows:
“Currently we have 4 vendors that have returned their contracts and 3 or 4 more that have said they’re coming. This year we’ve added a dog bakery and an embroidery vendor. I’d like to ask everyone to support our vendors. The embroidery person will be there on Friday, so please take time to shop! She’s coming all the way from Florida to be at our show. I think the others will just be there on Saturday and Sunday.

Thank you to everyone that brought in their basket raffle donations and I can take donations until noon on Thursday, May 16th. If you have items to donate and won’t be at the fairgrounds for set up on Thursday, I can meet you to get them or I’m sure you could give them to Brenda and I can get them from her. If you brought items tonight, please give them to Brenda.

EMT standby service has been confirmed for all three days and I’ve received the signed contract from the boy scouts. The photographer has been reconfirmed. I spoke with her regarding a different backdrop and she said “I have found after talking to other photographers and clubs over the years that a club tends to get “possessive” over a “theme” backdrop as they feel it is a look special to their club and they don’t want another club to have that look. So I tend to use neutral backdrops that will compliment any color of dog and not detract from the win.” She said if we buy one she would bring the stand to hang it. I took a quick look, but I didn’t have any luck finding the size she requires (20 foot wide by 8 foot high). The backdrop I ordered for behind the club table has arrived and Pam Miller is going to attach grommets to the top for easy hanging. The cost for the backdrop was $114.50.

Brenda has made arrangements for security and Darcy has made arrangements for concessions. I’m starting to get a few appointments scheduled for the CERF clinic, but I think most of the appointments will be walk in or scheduled after the ring times are available. I’m going to work on arranging the beauty queens again for trophy presentations—it was very popular last year.

Brenda has the sign up sheet for volunteers—please consider volunteering for a few hours! Thanks.”

o Scent Trial, end of March 2019
 Received many positive reports from participants and expressed desire for next scent trial.
 Next Scent trial being planned for September 28, 2019- September 29, 2019
• Plan to do one trial per day and include more advanced titles
 Kim Williams reports that trial earned approximately $3300.00
 Judy Pinkevich housed one of the judges for the scent work trial.
• Motion made by Rhonda Gibbs to reimburse Judy $75 for hospitality provided to judge. Motion seconded by Barbara Salberg-Richman. Approved by unanimous vote.
o Obedience/Rally trial on Friday May 17th
 Brenda Grable reports that we will have 3 rings open
• Unfinished/Old Business,
o Jim Horn, Herpetologist, not coming for snake avoidance education.
o Funfest volunteers discussed
o AED:
 Judy reports that Phil, fairground manager agreed to oversee AED maintenance.
 Carrie Hodges reports that cost of AED will be $1245 + $100 for pediatric pads.
• Motion made by Carrie Hodges to make purchase, seconded by Judy Pinkevich, approved by unanimous vote.
• New Business
o Rhonda Gibbs brought to members an opportunity to receive training to edit the club’s website. She mentioned that it would be best to get as many people as are interested to sit for training at the same time. Request that members contact her if interested in training. Darcy Kallus and Michelle Kruger currently to be scheduled for training.
o Mary Sparks made mention of her new performance venue for AKC dock diving. NADM K-9 Performance Events. Mary Sparks handed out fliers to club members for upcoming Dock diving event.
• Membership application read for first time for Sandy Alexander and the second time for Debbie Sullivan.
• Meeting adjourned at 8:06 PM

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