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April 2023 General Meeting Minutes

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GKKC General Meeting on April 24, 2023, at the Gray Community Chest Building was called to order by Ben Gibbs, President, at 6:35 PM.

Members present were: Brenda Grable, Ben Gibbs, Rhonda Gibbs, Pam Jones, Andrew Moore, DeAnna Moore, David Richman, Barbara Salberg-Richman, Tom Kirstein, Carrie Kruska, Judy Pinkevich, Katie Smiley, Brian King, Glynis Littlewood, Pamela Bradbury, Julie Webster, Debbie Sullivan, Trudy Price, Dannie Lee, and Karen Riddle.

Visitors present were: Beth Kortze, Annalee Hayes, Diane Sobel-Meyer, Jean Ponstingle and Robert Edmonds.

March 27, 2023, general meeting minutes were read and approved as presented.

Treasurer’s report was accepted and approved as presented.

Show Committee Chair, Pam Jones, requested donations for the basket raffle items. Sign-Up sheets will be available for volunteers on Thursday, May 18, from 10am until 1pm specifically for set-up.

There was a discussion regarding updating the GKKC Membership application.

  • Be willing to abide by the Code of Ethics
  • Attend two general membership meetings
  • Work with two members who can mentor and sponsor you
  • Submit an application for membership and first year’s due
  • Your name will be read at two regular meetings
  • The Board will consider your application and either recommend to the general membership approval or disapproval
  • Following Board approval an election will be held at the next scheduled general meeting

The 1st motion was made by Tom Kirstein and then the 2nd motion was Dannie Lee. The vote unanimously passed on updating the GKKC membership application.

Discussion of the GKKC Brag Page and making access to the Facebook Page public. Also, there was a discussion of reducing the entry fees for Juniors for Agility trials.

Discussion of the UTCVM GKKC Scholarship will be designated at $1000 per year. The qualified individual shall have a preference in the preceding years. This will be reassessed after 5 years for the criteria and selection guidelines. The 1st motion was made by Pam Jones and then the 2nd motion was Katie Smiley. The vote unanimously passed to send $5,000 to UTCVM Foundation for the scholarship.

Membership Applications for Beth Kortze and Robert Edmonds were read for the first time.  Applications for Joy Ellis, Diane Sobel-Meyer, Jean Ponstingle were read and secret ballots were cast for electing them as members. All individuals were unanimously approved for membership.

Meeting adjourned at 7:09 PM.

Carrie Kruska, Recording Secretary

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