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December 2022 General Meeting Minutes

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December 2022 General Meeting

GKKC General Meeting on December 7, 2022, in conjunction with the annual Christmas Party, was held at The Chop House Restaurant in Kingsport and was called to order by Ben Gibbs, President, at 6:41 PM.

Members present: Ben Gibbs, Rhonda Gibbs, Pam Jones, Katie Smiley, Greg Rodgers, Andrew Moore, DeAnna Moore, Brian King, Karen Dooley, Michelle Kruger, Kendalyn Kruger, Karen Smith, Kimberly Williams, Pam Brownlee, Carrie Kruska, Brenda Grable, Dannie Lee, Cora Thomas, Judy Pinkevich, Joe Marques, Ashley Marques, JoAnn Marques, and Sandy Alexander.

Guests attending were Jeff Kruska, Mary Squibb(?), Cindy Wagner, Joy Ellis, Diane Sobel-Meyer, Jean Ponstingle, and Kim Thomas.

November 28, 2022 general meeting minutes were read and approved as presented.

Treasurer’s report was accepted as presented.

Pam Jones, Show Chairman, discussed the May show. The Boy Scouts have been confirmed to assist at the May Confirmation Show. Also, Dr. Hendrix will hold an eye clinic. $40 for GKKC Members and $45 for Non-Members. Pam Jones confirmed that the AKC Junior entry fee can be changed on the 2023 Premium.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:47 PM.

Carrie Kruska, Recording Secretary

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