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January 2017 General Meeting Minutes

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GKKC General Meeting on 01/23/2017 at Appalachian Fairgrounds was called to order by Ben Gibbs, President, at 7:35 PM.

Members present were: Darlene Robbins, Glynis Littlewood, Judy Pinkevich, Pierce Massey, Rhonda Gibbs, Ben Gibbs, Joe Currier, Val Currier, Kim Williams, Trudy Price, David Richman, Barbara Salberg-Richman, Cindy Hintz, Brenda Grable, Tom Kirstein, and Warren Quinn.

December 2, 2016 general meeting minutes were read and approved as presented.

Treasurer’s report was accepted and approved as presented.

Rhonda Gibbs made a motion that the Treasurer’s report be emailed to club members a couple of days before the meeting, and the Treasurer will bring 3 extra copies to the meeting. Warren Quinn seconded the motion and motion passed.

The premium has been submitted to MBF for approval. Several requests for show times were made by members. Owner handler judging is covered for 2017.

The 2018 judges committee will meet, several contracts have already been signed.

Patrick Pelletti’s application was read for the second time.

Rhonda Gibbs made a motion and Warren Quinn seconded the motion to change the following standing rules:

#3 will be changed to read, Members will pay $1.00 or more per brag with proceeds going into the GKKC general fund.
#5 will be changed to read, Club will have a library of printed and media materials available for its members. The materials will be stored in the storage building.
#16 will be changed to read, Club Members are eligible to attend up to two seminars a year and the club will reimburse up to $200.00 per seminar for lodging, fees, and transportation. Prior Board approval is required. Original receipts musts be turned in and a program must be given to the club the same year. Only 6 seminars a year will be paid for and they will be awarded on a first come first serve basis.
#18 Rescinded
#19 Rescinded
#26 will be changed to read, The club is to obtain liability insurance to cover the shows and board liability will be covered in a separate policy.

All motions to change the above standing rules were approved. The standing rules document will be updated and emailed to the club members in the near future.

Vendor committee fees were discussed. Val Currier made a motion to not charge vendors, unless they use electricity and then the fee will be $10/day. Warren Quinn seconded the motion and it passed.

Dixie Stewarts camping fees were discussed. Tom Kirstein made a motion to not charge them a camping fee and Warren Quinn seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Discussion regarding FASTCAT. Judy Pinkevich wants to get approval to be AKC affiliate of GKKC to hold the FASTCAT during the May show. It would be 2 trials per day. The club will consider, a final motion will be made at the February meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Rhonda Gibbs, Acting Secretary

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