July 2015 General Meeting Minutes

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Minutes for GKKC July 27, 2015, annual picnic meeting at Eastman campground after a wonderful pot luck dinner. Barbeque from Broadstreet Barbecue was brought by Darlene Robbins and eating utensils, drinks, and plates brought by Gary Elliott.


Members in attendance:Glynnis LIttlewood, Garry Elliott, Tammy Elliott, Darlene Robbins, Judy Pinkevich, Kimberly Williams, Trudy Price, Karen Riddle, Brenda Grable, Rhonda Gibbs, Ben Gibbs, Janice Pelletti, Patrick Paletti, Pam Jones, Cindy Hintz, Gayle Green


Guests: Brent K Long, Sr, Russell Robbins, Jeremy Smith, Faith Smith, Angela Wedding, Sierra Wedding


Meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM

Minutes were read by Gary Elliott in place of Elaine Taylor


Corrections consisted of adding names of new officers added as an addendum to the original June minutes.


Treasurer’s report: Spring show 2015 shows a loss of $2,000 more or less


Fairgrounds refunded the bill to GKKC for the water, but the cost of the two grooming buildings

has gone up


We may have to raise the rates on the RV parking


Talked about reducing the amount of the UT scholorship


Treasurer’s report was approved


For the 2016 Spring show, Gayle Green will co chair with Glynnis Littlewood on Sat, Elaine Taylor will co chair on Sun with Glynnis Littlewood


Kim Williams will do a program on lure coursing in Sept.


Charlie LeBlanc asked about doing a program on FunFest Dog Show to tell the club how it was beneficial that the club continue to support the dog show.


Second reading of application for Faith and Jeremy Smith for membership was read by Gayle Green


Application for Donna Maynard was mentioned but was mailed in as an application with no sponsors and she has not attended any meetings. Application was not read.


Voted on Val and Joe Currier for membership- passed unanimously


We need to apply for the Sportmanship Award to AKC if we want to nominate someone from the club for the award this year.


Brags were: Janice Pelletti has a new Champion Rottweiler

Ch Bang’s Bonanza Flyin’ High Ty CGC


Meeting adjourned at 8 PM

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