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May 2021 General Meeting Minutes

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Greater Kingsport Kennel Club general meeting was called to order at 6:41pm on Monday, May 24, 2021, at Appalachian Fairgrounds by President, Trudy Price.

 Members present were Barbara Salberg-Richman, David Richman, Pam Miller, Brenda Grable, Andrew Moore, DeAnna Moore, Debbie Sullivan, Pam Jones, Judy Pinkevich, Pierce Massey, Val Currier, Kim Williams, Trudy Price, Sheila Leonard, Carrie Hodges, and Glynis Littlewood.

 Guest present were Phyllis Portera, Greg Rodgers, Karen Smith (, Bill Parrott, and Sandra Parrott (

 General Meeting Minutes and Board Minutes from June 22, 2020 were approved as read.

 Treasurers Report was approved as read.

The Agility Chairperson, Judy Pinkevich, discussed the 2021 October agility trial which will be held at the Ron Ramsey Agricultural Center in Blountville and will be renting the equipment from GKKC Member Val Currier for the agility trial. In addition, Katie Smiley will be filling in as the agility chairperson for the October trial. 

 Membership Application for Brooke Salyer was read for the first time. 

Applications for Lindsey McCurry, Stacey and Johnathon Hubbard, Pamela Bradbury, Donna Hamm, Phyllis Portera and Greg Rodgers were read and secret ballots cast for electing them as members. All individuals were unanimously approved for membership.

 Meeting adjourned at 7:02 PM.

 Carrie Hodges, Acting Recording Secretary

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