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May 2022 General Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes – May 23, 2022

GKKC General Meeting was held 5/23/22 Gray, TN. The meeting was called to order at 6:35 p.m. by President Trudy Price. In attendance were: (insert names from sign-in list not provided to me). Guests were Misty Jones, Brian King and Donna Sams, who introduced themselves to the membership in attendance.

Treasurer’s Report (see previous email by Brenda Grable). Balance $99,974.40.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes of the previous meeting were not available. No Secretary’s Report was given.

Old Business: No financials were available from the conformation show. Brenda Grable and Pam Jones proposed to classify combined income items to reach the show total profit/loss accounting. There were no objections to this proposal.

New Business: Barbara Salberg-Richman updated the membership as to the new Juniors’ pilot program to begin 7/1/2022, dog ownership changes, forms, etc., and reminded everyone about the Title 1 Dog related books and would provide contact information for anyone interested in donating dog related books to Title 1.
All dues are to be paid by 6/30/2022.

Committee Reports:
Conformation: The eye clinic was successful as was the basket raffle. Pam Jones reported that an incident report was due this week for an occurrence which took place during the event and that JoAnn sends thanks for all the help with the Hospitality. Exhibitor participation numbers were down overall, much like all shows recently.

Rally and Obedience: All went well.
Fun Fest Dog Show: This event has been taken over by Fun Fest and GKKC will no longer be required to participate.

Nomination Committee: By prior email, a slate of officers were proposed by the Nomination Committee who met 3/31/2022, Rhonda Gibbs, Chairperson. This slate of officers were read aloud to the membership and were unanimously approved by all in attendance without nominations from the floor.

“Brags” were reported by members in attendance and no other business to come before the membership, the meeting was adjourned at 7:08 p.m.

Pam Miller, Acting Recording Secretary

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