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November 2018 General Meeting Minutes

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• Greater Kingsport Kennel Club general meeting Monday, November 26, 2018 at Appalachian Fairgrounds called to order 6:57 PM by President, Ben Gibbs.
• Members present Ben Gibbs, Barbara Salberg-Richman, Darcy Kallus, Andrew Moore, Deanna Moore, Karen Dooley, Pam Jones, David Richman, Julie Webster, Judy Pinkevich, Pierce Massey, Kim Williams, Pam Miller, Walt Crossley, Sherry Crossley, Trudy Price, Brenda Grable, Joe Currier, Val Currier, Rhonda Gibbs, and Craig Kallus
• Guest present Lynne Post (, Michelle Kruger (, Jessie Kruger (, Kendalyn Kruger, Diane Bauman, and Robert Potter.
• Minutes for September read and approved as corrected.
• Andrew Moore, Deanna Moore, and Lynne Post spoke on their experience with raising puppies, training dogs, and using service dogs for blindness with Guiding Eyes for The Blind
• Judy Pinkevich to follow up with the LeBlancs regarding Funfest and reports paying club $500 for Fast Cat
• Membership
o Second reading of membership application for Jesse Kruger, Kendalyn Kruger, and Michelle Kruger
o First reading of membership application for Diane Bauman and Robert Potter
• Thank you letter from University of Wisconsin for donation passed around
• Letter from AKC regarding acknowledging GKKC complaint against Gail Green and her crimes made available.
• Committees:
o All breed show: Discussion regarding hiring the Boy Scouts again or negotiating fee discussed. Ideas discussed on alternative sources for cleanup.
 Deanna Moore to ask a college student raising a service puppy whom she knows if she would like to organize something for clean up to help pay for spay/neuter of service dog.
 Pam Jones to speak with someone at the Humane Society if they would be interested in raising funds through the service
Karen Dooley and Katie Smiley were unanimously voted into the club for general membership.
o Treasurer, Kim Williams, addressed $50,000 CD which matured on November 23, 2018. Discussion ensued on what do with money after maturation. Ideas of purchasing land with the money in the long term discussed.
 Board recommendation is that the $50,000 be put into a CD Ladder where the $50,000 will be divided equally into 5 CD. $10,000 at 2.65% Maturing December 2019, $10,000 at 3.05% maturing in 2020, $10,000 at 3.20% maturing in 2021, $10,000 at 3.35% maturing in 2022, and $10,000 at 3.50% maturing in 2023 with automatic renewal. CD Ladder approved by unanimous vote.
 Kim Williams brought up donating $500.00 to the American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog in New York City.
• Kim Williams mad motion to make donation, Darcy Kallus seconded motion. Motioned approved by unanimous vote.
 Meeting ended at 8:21 PM

Darcy Kallus, Recording Secretary

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